Content can now be viewed on multiple platforms from mobile phones, to tablets, to Smart TVs. It's the user's choice.

Family friendly content is ready and waiting for the whole family to enjoy together.

Content for all ages is available to ensure every member of the family is entertained.

Why not entertain friends too? With HERMES, it's that simple.

For those who prefer an outdoor environment, HERMES makes it easy to watch movies on the move.

HERMES Everywhere ...

Panasonic Smart TV
Sony Smart TV
LG Smart TV
Xbox One™
Chromecast™ & Apple TV®
Android TV™ & TV Box


HERMES can operate on multiple platforms, making it easily available to a wider audience.

Movie Playback

Users can now view content on one platform and pick up where they left off, on another.

Multi-platform Capabilities

HERMES ensures content can be viewed on numerous devices including mobile phones, tablets, computers and Smart TVs. Whether users want to sit back and relax at home or take a movie with them as they travel, HERMES ensures top quality content is available in an instant.

Credits and Tokens

HERMES supports a diverse credit system, wherein users can make purchases through several easy and efficient means such as through using credits, or redeeming with movie tokens. This can be easily customized to suit a content provider’s needs and redeeming content can be done within a few easy steps.

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily accessible payment methods can be made available swiftly to allow users a variety of ways to pay. Payment methods can be limited or include several different means such as credit cards, debit cards etc. to match the needs of content providers and their users.

Transaction Video on Demand (TVOD)

Movies will be delivered straightaway to a user and a timeframe can be customized to allow viewing for a certain period of time only.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

Upon subscribing, users will be allowed to view all or a certain amount of content based on their subscriptions, which can also be adjusted according to a content provider’s requirements.


With a fantastic bookmarking feature, users can pause a movie on one device, then pick up where they left off on another device anytime without having to scroll through the entire movie.

Adaptive Bitrates

Bitrates adjust automatically depending on a user’s network connection, in order to offer the best and smoothest playback experience, even under poor network connection conditions.


Both standard and high definition quality videos similar to Bluray are available to suit a user’s requirements.

Multi Audio/Subtitles

Audio and subtitles can now be easily switched between languages available during play, allowing great flexibility in language selection, all without disrupting the viewing experience.

The Electronic Sell-Through (EST) Player

Offering high quality local playback is the EST player which is a unique video player meant for downloaded content and designed to ensure that content is protected. It also maximizes the viewing experience through offering several features such as bookmarking and easy language selection.


On top of standard 2D viewing, 3D viewing is available to allow users an even more engaging and immersive viewing experience.


Through analyzing how users interact with services, content providers are able to achieve a much better understand of their service’s performance and business potential.


Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) allows content providers access to comprehensive data on movie purchases and other vital information.


HERMES incorporates multiple types of technology to ensure services are efficient and content is protected.

Set up your movie store

The movie store is a digital video distribution platform allowing users to watch and download movies. The CMS helps to make publishing movies to the movie store much easier. The CMS allows content providers to react more quickly by ensuring they are able to deploy, manage and monitor all of their movies effortlessly.

Managing Pricing

The CMS helps you set the right price and synchronize that price with other platforms to maximize profits.

Analytics & Reporting

Faster delivery of information is made for content providers looking to understand their users more which in turn, provides more data for decision making. We offer a complete rendering of reports in numerous formats including Microsoft Excel®, for easier viewing.

Report Generation

In order to understand content usage better, various reports are available for analysis purposes. These reports include information such as movie usage across genres, users and other categories.

Storefront Management

Content providers can also use the CMS system to amend storefront data such as movie posters and metadata in a very user-friendly manner. Easy and quick, storefront management can be done in a matter of minutes.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

For studios offering content, security is of high importance. With the globally recognized Microsoft PlayReady® and Google’s Widevine DRM technologies, we offer a highly secure content protection mechanism where approval from studios is quick and painless.


We offer fast and reliable transcoding services for multiple platforms. Whether content is needed for tablets, phones, Smart TVs etc. we have the technology to transcode at various rates and speeds.

Media Delivery Network

We offer numerous kinds of technology for media delivery through various means including cloud services and local data centers. Setup of expensive hardware and servers is nothing to be worried about.

How does HERMES work?

The High-level Architecture of HERMES

6 Core Modules

Behind The Scenes

Licensees can set up a movie store using HERMES with ease by only providing movie sources. Through our Movie Transcoding Services, all movie content can be distributed to multiple platforms. DRM technologies, a Central Movie Management System and a Media Delivery Network are the main technologies behind the scenes working to make everything happen.

HERMES Key Highlights


HERMES is a well-recognized and fast-growing platform. Our licensees come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand with more soon to join. With HERMES as your vendor, studio approval is quick and painless.

High Scalability

The Media Delivery Network of HERMES can be easily scaled up to adapt to rapid changes in the number of viewers. Incoming media requests are served by load balancing technology to ensure the stability of media delivery services.

High Portability

The Media Delivery Network of HERMES is capable of operating on different cloud services and/or data centers. High portability means region-independent. HERMES can serve your country well with customized tuning for media delivery.

Secure movie ingestion, encoding and encryption

Using key DRM technology, we ensure that content is protected from the moment the source is provided to the final product viewed by users.

Our Team

We have a strong research and technology team dedicated to the HERMES platform, constantly working to upgrade it with new and exciting features such as high quality live and VOD streaming in 4K resolutions, H.265 encoding technology and much more.


Licensing / Services Description
HERMES Platform Licensing Fee A one-off platform licensing fee will ensure that licensees will be eligible to use the HERMES platform for the first year with free updates.
Annual Maintenance Fee An annual maintenance fee is charged in order to ensure products and services remain competitive in this fast paced and ever changing industry.
Customization Services Websites and apps can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a licensee and their target market. From more complex UI designs to user-friendly payment systems, everything is possible.
Cloud Usages / On-Demand Services With the use of cloud technology, licensees can save on expensive setup fees for hardware and servers. Services can be charged using a pay-as-you-go payment scheme to ensure licensees only pay for what is used.
Transcoding Services Once movie source materials are provided, movies can be transcoded to suit multiple platforms supported by HERMES such as mobile phones, tablet devices, computers and Smart TVs.


For enquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime at: [email protected]
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TFIDM is glad to be the winner of Hong Kong ICT Awards in the ceremony dated 10 April 2015. Our HERMES Over-the-top (OTT) Video Platform was honored at the Best Business Solution Grand Award and Product Gold Award.

Comments from Judging Panel

The solution is robust and highly scalable. It has been deployed successfully by a number of large online TV operators in the region. The product is well-proven and it has excellent market potential to find applications in entertainment, education, new broadcasting areas.


Award Presentation Ceremony

The important moment in receiving our Grand Award trophy on the stage, conferred by The Honorable Miss Susie HO Shuk-yee, JP. We are proud to be the Grand & Gold Awards winners.

VIP Tour

The Honorable Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, MH, JP, Mr. Victor Lam and JP, Miss Susie Ho congratulated us the winner, for our wittiness and remarkable achievement and we cordially presented them our award entry.

Winners’ Showcase

Our product entry exhibited in the Winner’s Showcase, demonstrating our HERMES OTT Video Platform.

Our Team

Millions thanks to our great talented team who fully support the HERMES development!.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014

TFIDM is pleased to announce the winners of the Hong Kong ICT Awards in the ceremony dated 7 April 2014. Our HERMES 1.1 - Live Video Streaming Platform was honored at the Best SME ICT Grand & Gold Awards.

The judging panel has evaluated our platform innovatively deploys various technologies to provide high quality and stable video streaming from media ingest, to network capacity aggregation from different platforms (cloud and on-premises data centre), to live playback on mobile devices of the viewers.

Comments from Judging Panel

Awards Presentation Ceremony

The important moment in receiving our Grand Award trophy on the stage, conferred by The Honourable Gregory So Kam-leung, GBS, JP. We are proud to be the Grand & Gold Awards winners.

VIP Tour

The Honourable C Y Leung, GBM, GBS, JP congratulated us the winners, for our wittiness and remarkable achievements and we cordially presented him our award entry.

Winners’ Showcase

Our award entry exhibited in the Winners’ Showcase, demonstrating the scalable playback on different type of devices.

Our Team

Millions thanks to our great talented team who persistently ensure to create fun, innovative and meaningful developments on multiple platforms.